Project TAO

The project at a glance

“TAO” (Chinese for way, method) is not only a placeholder for the Chinese ideograph but also an acronym for “Third Age Online”. TAO’s main goal is to make it easier for older people to take advantage of the opportunities offered by online communities. TAO also seeks to develop strategies for online communities who wish to encourage older people to contribute content.

Two kinds of online community are of particular importance: special interest organisations such as Seniorweb Switzerland and Seniorweb Netherlands, and communities with a wider audience such as Wikimedia.

In order to increase the number of older people participating in online communities and improve their user experience TAO attempts to :

  • develop effective methods and measures for motivating older people to participate in online communities and for fostering the intergenerational integration of these communities.
  • adapt the user surfaces and functionality of online platforms to the specific needs of older people without alienating existing users.

Project Duration

TAO will last from October 2010 through September 2013 (36 months).


The project budget amounts to around 3 Mio. Euro. Roughly one half of that sum is being funded within the European Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme. The remaining project resources have to be contributed or raised by the project partners themselves.

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